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University athletics pays off, literally

Thursday 18 July 2013

st andrews graduates for BUCS article

We've said goodbye to our 2013 graduates, but what skills learned while at Uni will really help them in the job market? Good news for our Saints Sport athletes, recent studies show that they may have graduated with a leg up on their non-athlete counterparts

Research undertaken by The Sports Industry Research Centre (from Sheffield Hallam University), after a full tender process by BUCS, show that the positive effects of sports participation go beyond earning power.

According to the BUCS’ Impact of Sport on Graduate Employability study, 51%  of graduates say athletic involvement has helped them develop team work skills and leadership qualities that they have translated into the workplace. Employers also recognise the benefits of sport in developing career-enhancing qualities, with more than nine in 10 of those interviewed identifying a clear link between university sport participation and valuable skills and strengths in potential employees.

Furthermore, more than a quarter of graduates who did not play sport at university have experienced a period of unemployment at some point in their career, compared with just over one in five of those who did participate in sport.


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