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Gym renovations imminent

Monday 24 June 2013

We are happy to reveal that the planned renovations, to upgrade our current fitness facilities will begin on Wednesday 26th June.

To cope with ever increasing demand, the fitness suites within the sports centre need to be improved, so over the summer, building works will be carried out to increase the floor space that will increase the gym capacity by 25%. This increase will be a huge boost to our gym users and will drastically improve the users experience, with reduced waiting times and increased equipment availability.

In addition to the increase in fitness suite capacity, the Strength and Conditioning room will become a stand-alone facility; this means, there will be no room closures or reduction in gym numbers during peak times. In the past, the fitness suite capacity was 60, but this number was reduced to 50 during squad training. Once the renovation works have been completed there will be no reduction in numbers and the fitness suites will remain open throughout peak times.

Over the coming weeks we will provide layouts of the new gym, so you can see exactly what's planned. But to give you an idea of what's in store, here is a list of some of the improvements planned:

  • squash court 1; will become the new Performance Suite
    • 5 x integrated lifting platforms and racks
    • 1 set of Dumbbells 10kg - 40kg's
    • Plyo-boxes and pulling blocks
  • squash court 2; the new free weights room
    • 4 x adjustable benches (allows incline and decline)
    • 2 x 2.5 - 50kg Dumbbells
    • 2 x integrated half racks and platforms
  • squash court 3; the new fixed weights room
    • Leg Press
    • Leg Curl
    • Leg Extension
    • Chest Press
    • Shoulder Press
    • Seated Row
    • Lat Pulldown
    • Dual Adjustable Pulley
    • Chin Dip Hip Station
    • Glute-ham Bench
  • squash court 4; will become an extension of the current Cardio room
    • 6 x Run now Treadmill
    • 2 x Vario
    • 2 x Concept 2 Dynamic Erg
    • 4 x E-Spinner
  • Fixed weights room; will become the new stretch and core room
    • Kinesis One Station
    • Matted stretch and core area
    • Medicine balls
    • Reebok Deck
    • Stability balls

Work on the project should take around 7 weeks, with an expected completion date of 16 August (if all goes according to plan).

We apologise in advance for disruptions to the fuitness suites during this time, we are trying to ensure the gym is still operational throughout the renovation works, however access to the fitness suites during this time may change. We will endevour to keep you updated on changes via the Saints Sport facebook page - so please chieck in with us regularly to find latest information.

If you have any questions about surrounding the refurbishment works, please email Allan Gartshore

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