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Latest Saints Golf news from the Halmstad Golf Arena.

Thursday 30 May 2013

Day 2

What a fantastic day. The weather was excellent in the morning sunny and 20 degrees. A little acclimatising in the morning in the gym to stretch off and loosen up the muscles.

We had Breakfast upstairs in the lounge area provided by the arena. Great healthy food. We setup up a fantastic short game Par 18 x2 for the whole group. Very much a task related exercise getting the players to write down what they did well and what they could do better and set specific goals for the rest of the week on short game.  

In the afternoon we were lucky enough to be play Halmstad North course. Absolutely amazing golf course and fantastic conditions to test our players. Freddie and young Cammy Campbell played a friendly match against two SSOG players in a 4 ball better ball match. Ally McDougall and Tom Beasley played against Gemma Bradbury and Gabrielle Macdonald in a boys vs Girls match. David and Kevin played with Miranda and Sofia. Just a practice round for today so no important results to note. Freddie had the best score of the group of 74 which is a good score on a tough course.

In the evening Kevin and David were invited over to Sofia’s house for dinner with her family. A fantastic evening of hosting and improving relationships between the two great institutions.

Overall and great day with great weather and facilities to promote learning and experience.

Day 3

After a good days practice yesterday everyone had the morning available to work on some specific goals they had set from yesterday. Most of the players wanted to do short game on the arena. The Arena has 51 holes of pure short game creativity available, they call it a playground and it’s an absolute unique facility that the players can learn and explore anything you could possibly imagine in terms of short game.

David and I were worked hard by the players asking lots of new questions and learning about new techniques and shots they could play and improve.

After lunch we went up to Halmstad Golf Club to play the South course for our second practice round. Sofia was kind enough to offer to play with all three girls. As a former European Tour winner she offers great knowledge and experience for the girls to learn from. Sofia was injured with a recent torn Achilles tendon so managed to play 12 holes in a buggy.

David took out Tom Beasley and Cammy Campbell and I played with Freddie Edmunds and Ally McDougall and Anders who is the dean of the SSOG in the University of Halmstad. Freddie and Ally were too strong for Kevin and Anders. Freddie in fact played some fantastic golf being 4 under par.  

Day 5

Stroke play day.

After some close matches yesterday the focus was switched towards stroke play. Freddie went out first again. Tom and Ally followed, Gemma and Miranda were in the all girls group and Gabrielle and Cammy played in the mixed group. There was some excellent golf played, especially from the SSOG team. Two of their players were under par on the North course which is the harder of the two courses. This was to be the last day that we played golf at Halmstad golf course. Everyone tried their best and stuck in until the final putt was hole. We went down overall SSOG 11.5 – St Andrews 2.5. The matches were much closer than the score reflects. Most of the SSOG team are now professional and already have budding careers playing professional golf so it’s not a surprise they were too strong for us on their home turf.

We were invited to an evening dinner with their team especially their year 3 students who were receiving their graduation. The owner and deans of the program and University were present and St Andrews will feel very fortunate to be hosted so well. Overall again a fantastic day of competitive golf and making friends.

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