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Workout smarter — get a plan!

Monday 21 March 2011

Workout smarter—get a plan—and stick to it!

Beginning an exercise programme could not be easier with a 12 week Personal Exercise Plan that is tailor made to suit your individual needs.

A personal exercise Plan (PEP) contains the following:Dumbbell Row


  • a 40 minute information gathering session. To build the best plan for you, it is essential to discuss exercise wants and needs, to look at recent health history, and possible exercise contra-indications. This is where you will set goals with your trainer and work out how to achieve them!

Personal Exercise Plan

  • After the consultation you will then be guided through your new 12 week plan. Your personal plan, will contain, recommended exercises to perform, and expert advice will be given on how to get the best out of each exercise to gain maximum benefit.

Cost: £25.60

To book an appointment please email

Further services are available please visit the Fitness Services page for further details.

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