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Saints come back from behind to beat Manchester

Monday 07 March 2011

by Hannah Martin

This Wednesday the St Andrews lacrosse team hosted the first half of the BUCS Northern Premier League playoff against Manchester. The Manchester side was first to convert, scoring three goals in quick succession. The Saints then answered back with some great ball movement through the midfield, culminating in an assist from Victoria Gerberding to Hannah Martin and a shot rebounding from the goalie’s shaft into the back of the net.

Both teams fought hard for the ball throughout the field, with some excellent interceptions, checks and blocks from both sides. The remainder of the first half saw a further three goals from both Manchester and St Andrews (scored by Victoria Gerberding and Ludmila Crowther) bringing the half time score to 4-6.


Down by two, the St Andrews side knew they had to pull together for the final half of the game; and so, after an inspirational speech from Sarah Hedden and some rousing chanting from the sidelines (Chris Rees), the Saints made their way back out onto the field to fight for their place in the Premier league. This time the momentum swung in the Saints’ favour and the score was soon levelled. An additional two goals for each side brought the score to 8-8.

With three minutes to go Georgia Wade scored an additional goal, putting the Saints in the lead. With everything to play for, the Saints won the ball from the draw and kept possession passing the ball around the fan as the clock ran down. Despite a couple of unnerving moments, when it looked as though Manchester might have won back the ball, the St Andrews team succeeded in maintaining possession and the game ended 9-8 to St Andrews. 

The second half of the playoff game will take place in Manchester this Wednesday 9 March.

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