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Saints Sport Student Membership

Full access


Saints Sport student membership gives you full access to the main gym, the Saints Fitness class programme and facilities for casual use, including multi-sport courts and pitches, the indoor tennis centre and the climbing wall. Membership also provides access to sports club training sessions and matches.

Academic Year


for Academic Year 2020-21

Available 1 September 2020

Expires 30 May 2021




Semester 1
1 September - 20 December 2020

Semester 2
4 January - 30 May 2021




for Summer 2021

Available 3 May 2021

Expires 29 August 2021


A full breakdown of the facilities and services that are available with a Saints Sport student membership can be found on our bookings page.


In the event of a significant unexpected or forced closure of the Sports Centre or if as a student you need to leave St Andrews due to the coronavirus pandemic, you will receive a pro rata refund on your Saints Sport Student Membership covering the period of the closure/absence.

Sports Club

Limited access



for Semester 2

Available 4 January 2021

Expires 31 May 2021


Sports Club membership is aimed at those who play sport as part of a student or staff club or organised group, but who don't want regular access to the main gym or Saints Fitness class programme.

This membership category allows access to club training sessions and matches.

Please note: you must have either a Full Access or a Sports Club Saints Sport membership in addition to your individual club membership during both semesters in order to train and compete with an AU club.


Pay per visit



for Academic Year 2020-21

From 1 September 2020
Until 29 August 2021

Non-members are welcome to use the facilities and can pay for an Actvity Ticket each time they visit. 

How to join

Information for matriculation

To enable you to join as quickly and easily as possible please ensure that when matriculating online you tick “yes” to the question relating to sharing your personal details (name, contact details etc) with Saints Sport. Please note that by choosing not to allow your details to be shared, the joining process will be much longer and less convenient. You will also not be able to book classes until we have your personal details.

Join online

You will need your matriculation number to join online, your matriculation card will then become your Saints Sport membership card. 

Athletic Union sports club memberships

Students wishing to join one (or more) of the Athletic Union sports clubs can do so by purchasing their membership(s) through the University's online shop.

Important information