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Sports Centre Redevelopment

In January 2015 we embarked on the next chapter in our history, beginning a major £14m redevelopment and extension of the Sports Centre. These new facilities cement a major, seven-year investment in sport at St Andrews, and have brought our indoor facilities in line with the rest of the estate at University Park and offer our members greater capacity and the opportunity to participate in a far wider variety of sports at higher levels.

Over the past two years the indoor sports facilities at the University have been transformed following the construction of a new eight-court sports arena, the refurbishment, extension and modernisation of the original sports centre building and the installation of a new four-court indoor tennis centre

Phase 3 - Indoor Tennis Centre

The final phase of the redevelopment is now complete and saw a four-court indoor tennis centre constructed adjacent to the Sports Centre. Work began on the 13th March 2017 and the centre was completed in March 2018. Photos of the construction works can be viewed here


An artist's impression of how the new indoor tennis centre might look. 

Phase 2 - Refurbishment & Extension of Sports Centre - Opened December 2016

Following completion of the sports arena, work moved to the refurbishment and extension of the original Sports Centre building. Once complete, the new indoor facilities will feature a new and expanded 130-station gym and a dedicated strength & conditioning suite for our performance athletes. Phase 2 will also see a new flexible climbing wall installed in the old sports hall, brand new changing facilities constructed for our gym and fitness suites and the sport offices and meeting rooms refurbished and modernised.

Phase 2 at a glance: 

  • New expanded gym and fitness suite
  • Dedicated strength & conditioning suite
  • New changing rooms for gym and fitness suite users
  • Refurbished offices and meeting rooms
  • Expanded car park

 Phase 2 700

Phase 1 - Sports Arena - Opened January 2016

Phase 1 was completed in January 2016 and saw the construction of a new eight-court sports arena, 10 new changing rooms and a new reception area built adjacent to the original building.

Phase 1 at a glance:

  • Widening of the Sports Centre access road
  • New reception area
  • 10 new changing rooms
  • A new eight-court sports hall, with removable seating for 400

‌‌Phase 1 promo 700

Initial Investment 1968-2014

The original Sports Centre was built in 1968 when the student body was fewer than 2,000 and the sports in which they took part were limited, as was student involvement. By 1996 new facilities were desperately needed and the current sand dressed synthetic turf pitch, outdoor tennis courts and running track were installed. This was followed two years later by a minor redevelopment of the gym and fitness suite. 

1996 sports centre redevelopment    1996 Sports Centre Redevelopment

Photographs from the installation of the tennis courts and running track in 1996 (left) and the fitness suite as it looked in 1998.

In 2012, the sand dressed pitch and outdoor tennis courts were resurfaced and a new full size floodlit FIFA 2 Star\IRB approved Third Generation (3G) synthetic pitch for rugby, football and lacrosse was installed. Work has also been carried out extending and refurbishing the pavilion and changing facilities, refurbishing the grandstand and improving the grass pitches.