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Student Dissertations, Internship papers and other reports

The papers on this page have been written by students from the undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in Sustainable Development. If you have anything you would like to be included, please email

Peckham in the 21st Century, The Quest for Sustainable Health Care

Christoph Gräfe looks back on a health care experiment that took place earlier in the 20th Century in Peckham and links this work to both sustainable development principles as well as the challenges presented to the NHS in the current political environment.  He argues that shifting NHS performance in line with SD and Peckham principles require a holistic approach to health care.

Christoph's paper is available here Peckham in the 21st Century (PDF, 850 KB)

A Study of Possible Links between Environmental Reporting and Income Level of Target Audience

Samuel F Willsea, a senior Honours student on the MA Sustainable Development degree programme, was awarded a 8-week internship at the St Andrews Sustainability Institute in July 2009. His research paper is available here Internship - Newspaper study (PDF, 230 KB)

An evaluation of labelling as a mechanism to communicate sustainable development criteria of food products

Rebecca Petford, a senior Honours student on the MA Sustainable Development degree programme, was awarded a 10-week internship through the St Andrews Undergraduate Research Internship Programme in June 2009. Her research project was supervised by Prof Jan Bebbington.

Her research paper is available here URIP Food labelling report (PDF, 40 KB) and a poster presentation of findings URIP Food labelling poster (PDF, 1,364 KB)

World Student Summit for Sustainability - Zurich 25th Jan - 1st Feb 2009

The World Student Community for Sustainable Development (WSC-SD) is an international network comprised of over thirty student member communities, and a growing network of individual members. The fundamental purpose of the WSC-SD is to give motivated students who are passionate about sustainability, opportunities to learn from each other, collaborate and to take action. The primary strength of the WSC-SD lies in its multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural approach in solving some of the pressing issues facing the world today. Last autumn, the Sustainable Development Society (SDSoc) became the UK's first student group to join others from Dhaka, Bogota, Kampala, Tokyo, Boston, etc.

The 2009 S3 conference declared 'today's global political and economic institutions do not promote sustainable development. Indeed, huge efforts have to be made to achieve what are only very minimal levels of sustainable development. Why is this so?¿Approximately ninety students representing thirty countries participated in the discussion of this topic, structured around three sub-headings: Geopolitics, Global financial markets, and Non-monetary incentives. Five students represented the University of St. Andrews, engaging in discussions, panels, workshops and a variety of other activities, seeking answers to these current challenges.

Reflections from the five St Andrews students who attended the conferences in Switzerland are collected together in a report << Zurich Report - Student Summit for Sustainability 2009 (PDF, 292 KB). >>