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Research at SASI

A key objective of SASI is to provide a focus for existing interdisciplinary research at the University and a spark-point for new collaborations across the whole breadth of sustainability. Members of SASI are drawn from more than a dozen academic schools and administrative units within the University.

SASI is not designed to create an ‘empire’ for anyone to own or claim rights over … rather, it is a facilitating mechanism to allow others to flourish.  The projects that are listed here are ones where SASI has made a key contribution to bringing people together to work on areas and/or has contributed funding to support the work.  The projects, however, are the product of the efforts, intellects and enthusiasms of the people involved – we were happy to be part of that.

Research Projects

More than GDP: Measuring What Matters
Designing the transition to sustainability: resourcing community resilience
Accounting for Biodiversity: Low carbon intellectual renewal
Craft and Sustainability
Designing Environments for life
Saving Energy at the Workplace

Sustainable Development Commission database

Essays, thoughts and presentations on sustainable development issues

Student Dissertations, Internship papers and other reports

Examples of SD focused research from the University's Academic Schools

Related Research Centres, Institutes and Networks

Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research
Centre for Research into Ecological and Environmental Modelling (CREEM)
Institute for Environmental History

Biodiversity Forum

Scottish Oceans Institute