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‌SASI itself could be said to exist everywhere and nowhere - although we are made up of people from almost all parts of the University.

‌ Darren McCauley Penny
Darren McCauley Penny Stephenson
Director of SASI SASI and SD Masters Administrator 
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The Observatory
(School of Geography & Sustainable Development)

Main Office, Irvine Building
(School of Geography & Sustainable Development)


Affiliated Staff and Postgraduate Students

To make it easier to find people by their area of interest, we have listed members of SASI in order of Academic School / Department / Administrative unit.

Biology | Chemistry | Computer Science | Economics & Finance | Estates | Geography & Geoscience | History | International Relations | ManagementMathematics & Statistics | Medicine | Modern Languages | Psychology | Social Anthropology

Will Cresswell

Dr Will Cresswell
My research interests include developing capacity for conservation science in West Africa. I helped to setup and run the A.P. Leventis Ornithological Institute (APLORI), Jos, Nigeria - the only field station dedicated to ornithological research and conservation training in West Africa.


Sascha Hooker

Dr Sascha Hooker

The majority of my research concerns the foraging and diving behaviour of marine predators, but I am particularly interested in how this can inform conservation planning and sustainability of ocean ecosystems. 


Anne Magurran

Professor Anne Magurran

I am interested in the measurement and conservation of biological diversity and has active research projects in Scotland, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, Brazil and India. A particular focus at present is the impact of invasive fish species on vulnerable native assemblages. 



Tom Meagher

Professor Thomas Meagher

I have a long track record of research in population biology that relates to conservation, from investigation of genetic diversity within populations and species to range-wide investigation of genetic diversity. I have conducted field studies close to home as well as in such far-flung parts of the world as Micronesia and Madagascar. With collaborators at the Royal Botanic gardens Kew and elsewhere, I am also helping to develop and promote the scientific base underlying plant biodiversity policy at a regional and global scale. Member of the Natural Environment Research Council. 


Professor Pat Willmer

My research interests include the environmental physiology of invertebrates, insect-plant interactions, behaviour of social insects and invertebrate evolution. 

Richard Baker

Dr Richard Baker

I give courses on Inorganic and Physical Chemistry and on Renewable Energy, including Fuel Cell technology, within the School of Chemistry. I also teach in existing and renewable energy generation technology on the undergraduate degree in Sustainable Development. I have several research projects underway to develop new materials for fuel cells. We are also active in studying new and model catalysts for pollution abatement in water treatment and automotive applications and for hydrogen production.


Dr Paul Connor

I am currently working on various aspects of energy storage and conversion. These range from lithium battery development, to the design and testing of larger scale fuel cell energy stores. Most of my time is spent on the development of SOFCRoll, a new solid oxide fuel cell design that came out of the University . I also teach energy related topics in both Chemistry and Sustainable Development. 

John Irvine

Professor John Irvine

My research interests are in the study of inorganic materials, at the interface between solid state chemistry, condensed matter physics and ceramics.


Computer Science
Economics & Finance
Professor David Ulph

Professor David Ulph

My research interests include environmental economics, particularly climate change, and the economics of third sector/civil society.


David Stutchfield

David Stutchfield , Sustainability Manager

My role includes leading the development and implementation of sector leading strategies and initiatives, primarily to operational processes, including delivery of the Sustainable Development objectives in the University’s strategic plan and Sustainable Development Policy 2012 to 2022; to promote sustainable development and provide expert advice and support to devolved units across the University. 



Geography & Geoscience
Bill Austin

Dr Bill Austin

I have a broad research interest in the field of climate change. I currently lead the marine research group of the EU Framework VI project Millennium, in which over 200 scientists across Europe are actively engaged in studying natural climate variability over the last 1,000 years.


Richard Bates

Dr Richard Bates

Sustainable, conscientious exploration for raw materials with a particular emphasis on water resources. Environmental impact assessment, marine habitat monitoring.


 Antje Brown small photo

Dr Antje Brown

Coming originally from Politics & International Relations and now teaching predominantly in SD and Environmental Politics, my research interests include discourse and policy analysis in subject areas as diverse as nuclear energy, biodiversity, climate change, environmental impact assessment, environmental liability, and (more recently) ocean governance. I am a member of the Political Studies Association Environmental Politics Group.



Dr Emilia Ferraro

I have a background in economic anthropology and my initial extended fieldwork among the Quichua peasants of Northern Ecuador has focused on the relationship between culture, economy and religion; forms and relations of exchange; market and money. I am particularly interested in the role that culture, belief systems and values play in the production and reproduction of environmentally situated communities, and in the role of ethnicity and gender in theorizing Sustainable Development. Through the years, I have also researched and analyzed the culture and cosmology behind macro-economic policies, especially neoliberalism, and the emerging phenomenon of “transnational” currencies, thus necessarily engaging in debates on how to theorize poverty and global inequalities.

More recently, I have started exploring the connections between sustainability, anthropology and craft. I am currently investigating the multiple ways in which the concept of the human being, nature and society that lies at the core of craft thinking and practice can contribute to the sustainability project. Having lived for many years with the Indigenous Peoples of the Andes, I have developed an appreciation for different ways of knowing, so my interests include what kind of knowledge, and related values and awareness, "making" brings to sustainability.

 Darren McCauley 

Dr Darren McCauley


I am undertaking research into the politics of the environment and climate change. The empirical context of my research is largely (though not exclusively) within the European Union. My core research cuts across the two interdependent themes of policy processes and society. With specific reference to sustainable development, I am interested in exploring innovative forms of participative governance and stakeholder processes in energy policies (especially nuclear, biomass and wind power). 


Tony Prave

Dr Tony Prave

The Earth System has functioned in a sustainable manner for the past four billion years and my research and teaching interests focus on better documenting that behaviour and how it has changed through time. Understanding how natural processes develop, evolve and respond to natural forcing mechanisms is a fundamental requirement underpinning any assessment of sustainability, be it from human to Deep Time perspectives. 


Dr Ed Stephens

My interests in sustainability are (1) investigating whether enhanced geothermal systems could provide significant renewable energy resources for Scotland, and (2) investigating whether natural alkaline earth oxalate minerals in plants and fungi can be applied to sequestering useful amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Tim Stojanovic

Dr Tim Stojanovic

The focus of my research is the governance, planning and management of coasts and oceans.  My work often involves interdisciplinary teams researching sustainability issues for regional seas and coasts. I also work with marine sectors, for example, environmental management of ports and shipping.  I have a broad interest in climate change adaptation, in coastal areas and amongst rural communities in developing countries.

Charles Warren

Dr Charles Warren

I research into various aspects of renewable energy implementation, including the social acceptability and planning of wind farms. In addition I also research into community-led conservation of biodiversity on high plateau grasslands in eastern Tibet. 


Dr Rehema White

My research focuses on the theory and practice of sustainable development, exploring interdisciplinarity, knowledge exchange, co-design and governance models between policy makers, local government, communities and other stakeholders. Issues studied in this context include biodiversity conservation and conflicts; education for sustainability; climate change and craft. I have held/ hold funding in all of these areas.


Dr John Clark

My research focuses on 19th- and 20th-century British history, with special relevance to environment, science, and medicine.  In particular, I work on the history of natural history, waste, and environmentalism.  


Professor Chris Smout

My interests include the environmental history of sustainability, with particular reference to sustainable forestry in Scotland. I am also involved in the comparative environmental history of Europe and Japan since 1800. 

International Relations

Dr Mark Imber

My primary research interests lie in the role and reform of the United Nations system.  I have maintained a career - long interest in the role of multi-lateral diplomacy in the protection of the global commons, ie Antarctica, Outer-space, the oceans and atmosphere, and published widely on the role of UN-led treaties and agreements on the governance of the commons. 

Rob Gray

Professor Rob Gray

My research interests include accounting, finance, reporting and accountability for social responsibility and sustainability.


 Shona Russell

Shona Russell

My research interests concern how communities make sense of sustainability issues, produce knowledge and take action, particularly concerning water and climate change. I am an interdisciplinary researcher with experience of working collaboratively in Scotland and New Zealand as well as continued engagement with communities and organisations.  

Mathematics and Statistics
Steve Buckland

Professor Steve Buckland

My research interests include the development of methodologies for monitoring wildlife abundance; modelling population dynamics; indices for monitoring trends in biodiversity.


Monique MacKenzie

Dr Monique MacKenzie

My research interests involve the development and application of methods for longitudinal (and repeated-measures) data. These methods find application in a wide variety of areas, but most recently I have been busy modelling temporally and spatially correlated animal abundance data and assessing environmental impacts. 

Gerry Humphris

Professor Gerry Humphris

My research activity is focused on a collaboration with other colleagues from Health Psychology in the School of Medicine with the School of Psychology. This joint interest will develop our understanding of how to engage individuals and groups in acquiring beliefs and actions to support sustainability. 

Gozde Ozakinci

Dr Gozde Ozakinci

I am a psychologist, and in collaboration with the colleagues from the Psychology Department and  the School of Medicine, we are researching how to tackle the important issue of energy wastage in the University of St Andrews.


Modern Languages




steve reicher

Professor Steve Reicher

I am a social psychologist and am broadly interested in the issues of group behaviour and the individual-social relationship.


Social Anthropology

Dr Stephanie Bunn

I am a Lecturer in Anthropology specialising in material culture and human and environment relationships. Research areas related to sustainability include food, materials, architecture, education and perceptions of the environment. I lead an annual willow project for second year students which synthesises some of these issues. 

Tony Crook

Dr Tony Crook

I am interested in research on knowledge practices, ritual, gardening, mining, property rights and Papua New Guinea.


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