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What we do

Sustainability is such a huge issue, and it is easy for us at SASI to get carried away wanting to be involved with it all. At this stage our work is concentrated in four main areas:-


Researchers at the University of St Andrews are working on many projects which might help us move to a more sustainable future. These include developing fuel cell technology, investigating climate change, the psychology of how people's behaviour can be changed, and working in partnership with businesses as they seek to operate in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. SASI encourages researchers in collaborate across the artificial academic subject boundaries to work on the `big picture' of sustainability. We also want to tell others about what we find out, by teaching, knowledge transfer and integrating sustainability into our own operations.


The undergraduate degree in Sustainable Development continues the concept of `joined up thinking' by allowing students to combine core SD modules with a whole range of subjects, such as international relations, history, geography & geosciences, social anthropology, biology, chemistry, physics, maths & statistics. A taught masters degree has been running since September 2009. Students who wish to practice sustainable living as a way of eking out their funding for another 3 years are welcome to apply for PhD study.

Knowledge Transfer

This is a technical term describing the way academic knowledge can be passed on and applied usefully in the outside world. After all, there is little point in finding out the answer to our problems if we don't give it to someone who can do something with it. SASI has developed links with policy and bodies public and private sector organisations, providing consultancy, training and advice. We also host a series of workshops and seminars.

Being A Sustainable University

The University of St Andrews has made a serious commitment to becoming sustainable in its operations (after all, we've been around since 1413, and plan to keep going for much longer!). SASI has a key role to play in working with estates, academic staff and students, both acting as a source of advice and helping to promote the message of sustainability.

Of course, because sustainable solutions are still evolving, the things we do are bound to change over time.