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Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision 
 "A future where everybody in the world is enjoying a sustainable lifestyle"

This is both a simple and a hard thing to aspire to - simple because it is what everyone would want for themselves, their children and neighbours - but hard because we are such a long way from managing to do this.

Our Mission 
"To facilitate research, teaching, knowledge transfer and debate in order to enable the transformational change required to integrate sustainable thinking and actions into the foundations of everyday life."

We don't know all the details of the challenges involved yet, but we do know that this transformational change is big and important. Please read on to the "What we do" section for the nuts and bolts of how we are trying to achieve this mission.

Our Values and Beliefs

We believe that it is everybody's responsibility to look after the earth and its resources for future generations. Here at SASI we try to do our bit by working within our set of values, which include:

Walking the Talk: We aim to make our own activities sustainable, by minimising our ecological footprint and being socially responsible.

Humility: We don't claim to know everything, or have all the answers. Although we pass on what knowledge we do have, we aim to learn ourselves as much as we teach others.

Inspiration: We do not want to impose sustainability on people, we want to inspire them to become sustainable.

Interconnectivity: There are no lines of demarcation between people's actions - my choice affects the lives of others, even at a great distance.

Respect and Consideration:  Everybody we deal with deserves this.

Collective decision making: Everybody's opinion is valuable and considered.

Long term relationships: No, we're not a dating agency, but we do want to have a long term relationship with all the people we work with - that means keeping in touch with alumni and academics after they have left St Andrews, and working with organisations to create long-term solutions, not just a quick fix.

No work/Life balance: Sounds a bit odd at first, but we believe that there should be no artificial line between work and life, that work is a part of life and vice-versa.  Having Fun: We want to enjoy our work, and to show others that sustainability can be fun

SD students walk along the Fife coast





SD students walk along the Fife coast