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Our Inspiration

Can you remember the first time you saw the image of the earth from space? It is a very powerful picture - our planet, spinning in space; a peaceful-looking ball of blue, green and white, home to billions of unique people - including you and me.

There are many signs that we are living in a way that will cause problems for ourselves, future generations and the many other species we share our home with. Finite resources are being used up, the climate is changing and the way the very poorest people live is affected by decisiona made by the rich and powerful. Our actions do not just affect those immediately around us, but ripple far out to distant shores beyond our horizon.

People are slowly realising that humankind must act soon, so that everyone (including those not yet born) can have the chance of a life with increasing rather than decreasing choices. The earth itself must be kept in good health for our own benefit and also to ensure that all the plant, animal and earth systems can operate in harmony.

The term used to describe this future is `sustainability' and the pathway towards it is `sustainable development'