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Looking forward to the future.......

Since SASI started we have had our eye on the future and what we would like to achieve. In 2007 as SASI was starting up we had some milestones. But as we can never really know how things are going to work out, we couldn’t be sure we would hit them.  Those original plans including launching a masters degree in sustainable development by 2009 and moving into our own eco-house by 2010.  The longer term plans included;

2040: Being part of a worldwide network of similar organisations, acting as a conduit of sustainability inspiration to people of all ages and experiences.

2413: What will a sustainable University of St Andrews look like on its 1000'th birthday?

Reflecting on our plans we did launch the masters degree in 2009 and judging by the size of the second year cohort and the number of applications this will prove to be a successful course.  However we have not moved into an eco-house, as we originally thought, nor are we likely to in the near term – just because there is too much available space in existing buildings. 

Outside of this we have become a hub for sustainability in the University of St Andrews and beyond into the wider community, as evidenced by our seminar and lecture series, workshops and research projects.  Thus we think we are making good progress on embedding and promoting sustainability thinking into the university and wider environs.  Further, judging by the statements of interest and the exchanges we are starting to have with people all over the world we think we are making good progress towards being recognised as being part of a network of similar organisations.

In short, our progress is good, but we have a long way to go, if you would like to help us on our journey please do not hesitate to contact SASI.