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SASI Workshops

SASI “Higher Education in a Carbon-Constrained World”

On 12 March 2010 the St Andrews Sustainability Institute sponsored a working session entitled “Higher Education in a Carbon-Constrained World,” which was intended to serve as the starting point for an ongoing dialogue on how Higher Education in Scotland could and should respond to the demands for a transition to a low-carbon economy. The objectives for the session were to:

  • Develop a collective vision for the role of sustainability in the Higher Education sector in Scotland
  • Explore new models for academic research and collaboration that will help address global challenges
  • Identify the primary risks and opportunities for higher education in a carbon-constrained world
  • Develop a starting roadmap to help Scottish HEIs establish sustainability leadership for key stakeholders over the next 40 years

Click on the link Higher Education in a Carbon-Constrained World (PDF, 163 KB)

SASI “Scotland’s Business/Management Schools and Sustainability”

On 22 September 2009, the St Andrews Sustainability Institute sponsored a working session entitled “Scotland’s Business/Management Schools and Sustainability,” which was intended to serve as the starting point for an ongoing dialogue on how Scotland’s business and management schools should respond to the ongoing sustainability agenda and maintain a competitive edge in a time of climate change.  The session was attended by Heads of Schools, the education minister, the CEO of the Scottish Funding Council and the CEO of the Association of Business Schools.   The event was split between presentations and discussions and during the morning session presentations were made by the minister, the CEOs of the funding council and Association of Business Schools respectively.  As well as these presentations were also made PRiME (the UN principles for responsible management education) and the University of Edinburgh’s carbon management masters.

An outline of the key messages from the meeting can be found by following this link  Scotland's Business/Management Schools and Sustainability (PDF, 148 KB)

Corporate Social Responsibility and the Minerals Resources Industry

On 26 September 2008, SASI hosted a joint St Andrews-Dundee workshop on Corporate Social Responsibility and the Mineral Resources Industry. Presentations were made by researchers and students from Social Anthropology, Management, and Geography & Geosciences at St Andrews, and the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy, University of Dundee We were also pleased to welcome Professor James Weiner, Leverhulme trust visiting professor.  Follow this link to see details of the presentations.

Towards Carbon Neutrality.........

Roddy Yarr, the University's Energy and Environment manager, has been working with the St Andrews Community Council to facilitate the formation of a local community working group (St Andrews Climate Change Group), which will be submitting a bid for the Climate Challenge Fund.
On 1st October, SASI hosted a small workshop session where Rachel Nunn, organiser of the Carbon Neutral Stirling Group, came down to St Andrews to share her experiences with members of our local Community Council, Merchant's Association and University staff. She explained how she set up the Stirling group and securing funding for seven posts to roll out awareness and implementation of carbon saving actions to the various community groups in Stirling.
Click on the link Going Carbon Neutral Stirling (PowerPoint, 5,652 KB) to see a powerpoint presentation on climate change and possible community responses produced by Carbon Neutral Stirling

Carbon Accounting

A workshop to discuss Carbon Accounting was held in April 2008, which involved representatives from SASI, Management, Statistics, Estates, Geography & Geosciences and Fife Council.

Making it Real........

The second St Andrews Sustainability Institute "Making it Real" workshop was held on Weds 10th October 2007 in Lower College Hall. It was followed by a wine reception to mark the official launch of the Institute.

This workshop intended to explore what a sustainable university would look like and what implications this had for the University of St Andrews. It involved a total of 40 participants, both internal and external, in a series of round table discussions.

If you didn't get to the event, then follow the links below to read the agenda (including a summary of current SD activities at the University) and see the introductory presentation.

Making it Real - Agenda + Current SD progress (PDF, 181 KB)

Making it Real - Introductory presentation (PDF, 836 KB)

The document below is a summary of the discussions which took place, and the conclusions which arose from the event.

 Making it Real - Summary of discussions (PDF, 292 KB)