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What's going on? - Events

Sustainable Development Colloquium

The latest SD Colloquium was held on 2 March 2011.  Please see the SD Colloquium page for the agenda, report, summary 600th document and presentations.

SASI and University Events

During semester 1 of 2010, the students SD Society and SASI are arranging a series of three joint seminars. These joint seminars have a speaker from practice and a speaker from academia. 

The first of these seminars was held on 18 October 2010 and featured Prof. Colin Reid from the University of Dundee and John Watchman a law practioner.  The speakers discussed the difficulty of representing sustainable development within the law.

The next joint seminar arranged for November 2010 was on community involvement and education and featured Seaton Baxter from the University of Dundee and Ronnie Mackie from The Ecology Centre.

If you are interested in giving a seminar, please make contact with Penny Stephenson.

You might be interested in our Previous Events - too late to go to them, but there are links to some of the presentations

Sustainable Development Leadership Lecture Series

During 2009 and 2010, SASI held a series of SD Leadership Lectures. For more information about this lecture series, including previous presentations, go to SD Leadership Lecture Series

The students' Sustainable Development Society:

Forthcoming Seminars

The students' Sustainable Development Society has held a number of seminars in the past.  For an example of the seminars they have held please see the SD Society Seminar Series (Word, 27 KB)

Seminar listings from other Schools and Research Centres:

Centre for Research into Ecological & Environmental Modelling (CREEM)
Economics & Finance  
Geography & Geosciences - World series seminars 
International Relations
Social Anthropology