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Getting Started

Saint Connect is a new initiative from the University of St Andrews Careers Centre that seeks to bring together alumni and students in order to encourage networking, learn about different careers, and stay up to date with news from societies, sports teams, and the university.

No Spam

Crucial to developing the Saint Connect platform, what we did not want to produce was a new way to get unwanted spam. To that end, Saint Connect has been thought through with several aspects that seek to ensure you are always kept up to date, but never spammed. After signing up to Saint Connect, your email address or contact information is not shared with any outside party, or other department within the university unless you permit it. If you join any discussion groups or society groups and do not log in for a period, you are sent only one weekly summary of activity from all your groups within Saint Connect. You can always change this to once a month, or not at all.

We are committed to making this an effective, but unobtrusive way of connecting with alumni who are very busy. If there is something we should be doing differently, please let us know -


First Steps

Have you joined yet? If so, here are your next steps:

1. Join some groups!

After you have received your confirmation email from us, you will have full access to the platform. The first thing you should do is click on the 'Groups' tab and join some groups! These are the best way to keep up to date with the different societies, sports teams, hear about events going on in your area, and participate in industry discussion. Remember, if you join a group and don't log-in, your weekly digest will automatically include anything you've missed from the week in your groups. Some people find this the best way to keep up to date with all the news, as you'll only get one email digest, and can always leave a group if it's not of interest anymore!

Click here to view all the groups.

There are a few different types of groups:

Industry Groups - These are primarily discussion groups and highlight industry interests for students and alumni. If you are joining Saint Connect in order to be available to offer advice to students, it is very important to join the group or groups that reflect the industries or sectors that you have experience with. By joining the discussion group, if a student or grad posts a question, it will be included in your weekly digest email. This iffers a great way to see the topics of conversation without having to always be on-hand to provide answers.

Geographic Groups - Geographic groups are designed to function as news and discussion areas for alumni who are based in a specific geographic region. Keep up to date about events that are happening near you, and connect with other alumni who are based nearby. Join your own region, and if it isn't listed, let us know and we will make a group for you! You can also create a group directly in the 'Groups' tab.

Schools - Each academic school at St Andrews has its own group designed to keep alumni up to date with school news and functions. Each group is maintained by the School President of the particular school, and any news that is relevant for alumni will be posted there. School groups are a great way to keep up-to-date with your old department and find out about events or reunions.

Societies and Sports Teams - All student societies and sports teams have the option of maintaining a Saint Connect page. Over the next few months, we are working with the societies to make sure they are all on and active. These are great for keeping up to date with the latest developments from the societies and teams you were part of while a student.

Community Groups - Anyone can create a community group. These groups are for other interests and groupings not covered by the above categories. If you want to create a group, yo ucan do so by clicking the '+' icon next to the 'Groups' title. There are two types of groups - 'open' and 'member only'.


2. Fill out your matching criteria!

Click on your profile (upper right) and hover your mouse over the box that begins with the phrase 'I need help with...' and click on the green button that says 'Update matching criteria'. From there yo ucan select whether you want to be a 'mento', a 'mentee' or 'both'. Make sure you click on all the criteria that you are interested about. This makes it much easier for students and alumni to have a good idea about what it's appropriate to contact you about.


3. Post and view Job Opportunities

Saint Connect makes it really easy to post job opportunities either at your current company, or something you found that you want to spread the word about. Click on 'Jobs' and on the left hand side, you can click 'Add a Job'. From there, there are a few simple questions you can add. You can post jobs, internships or any other qork experience, and your posting is viewable only to St Andrews community members. Alternatively, click here to post jobs and internships.