Oriens meets Occidens


We are pleased to announce a two day interdisciplinary conference at the University of St Andrews on the 25th and 26th March 2011. ‘Oriens meets Occidens’ is designed to allow postgraduate students from a wide variety of disciplines to come together and to explore the links that existed between the East and the West from the Middle Ages right up until the modern day. Throughout history the nature of the interplay between these two has been a matter of debate and scholarly analysis, and in view of recent events the issue of peaceful interaction and violent confrontation has gained even more prominence. The conference will aim to trace the development of the relation between Oriens and Occidens throughout history, and to illuminate its numerous facets, some of which have received little attention so far.

Call for Papers

This conference aims to bring together students from different academic disciplines to explore the links that existed between East and West from the Middle Ages right up until the present day. It hopes to provide participants with a wider understanding of the numerous facets of the contact between Oriens and Occidens and of how these have shaped the relationship between them throughout the centuries. Topics to be discussed include, but by no means are limited to: -

  • literature
  • philosophy
  • political concepts
  • religion
  • commerce
  • warfare
  • science
  • art

Please send an abstract of your 20 min. paper (max. 300 words) to the organiser, Berenike Walburg, at blw1@st-andrews.ac.uk. The deadline for abstract submission is the 22nd February 2011. If you have any question or queries please do not hesitate to contact the organiser.

For more information at this time, please contact:
Berenike Walburg blw1@st-andrews.ac.uk