University of St Andrews Institute for Medieval Studies Colloquium


Medieval Warfare:
Laws and Limits


Saturday 2 June 2012
New Seminar Room
Department of Medieval History
71 South Street
St Andrews



Prof. Michael Prestwich
Siege warfare: practices and conventions

Prof. John Gillingham
From ancient warfare to the age of chivalry

Prof. Anne Curry
Disciplinary ordinances for English garrisons in Lancastrian Normandy

Prof. Richard Kaeuper
The small voice of conscience in medieval warfare

Prof. Matthew Strickland
Conventions of war in Anglo-French hostilities during the twelfth century

Dr. Craig Taylor
Stratagems and trickery

Dr. Remy Ambuhl
Negotiated surrender of castles and urban communities at the end of the Hundred Years War

Dr. Rory Cox
Medieval just war theory and military ordinances: a common tradition?



If you would like to attend this one-day event, or for more information, please contact Dr. Rory Cox at
Tel: 01334 463316
Please note that places are limited