Usability testing

The Digital Communications Team can conduct usability testing on any interactive research output.


The Digital Communications Team have expert usability testers to assist researchers in ensuring any interactive interface achieves its potential (for example a website, or a mobile phone app).  This is especially important if the research relies on information gathered via the interface.

Usability testing is performed with a sample test audience of the output. The subjects are given specific tasks to achieve, and their actions are recorded.    A report is then written with recommendations on how to make the interface more effective.

Where do I go for help?

Contact Digital communications for more help.

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Service cost


Are there limits to the service?

Any changes that are recommended as an outcome of Usability Testing will need to be resourced and are not the responsibility of the Usability Team to action.

Expertise level required to use this service


Example / Use case for this service

A theoretical example would be a mobile phone application was developed to gather information from test subjects. The usability testing found that if the order of information/buttons was re-arranged on the screen then test subjects would be more willing to enter more substantial information.