Thermal analysis and porosimetry

The School of Chemistry has a variety of services for thermal analysis and porosimetry


Thermogravimetric analysis

For thermal analysis (TG, DTA, DSC, DIL), materials should be tested in a high temperature furnace prior to analysis for reaction with alumina, Al2O3, as this is most often the crucible material.

  • Netzsch STA 449C with Mass Spec: TGA/DTA or TGA/DSC under oxidising or reducing atmosphere to 1500°C, coupled to a Pfeiffer mass spectrometer (200amu) for evolved gas analysis.
  • Stanton Redcroft STA-780 simultaneous TG-DTA: RT–1500°C, in oxidising or reducing atmosphere.
  • Stanton Redcroft TG1000M: TGA (RT–1000°C) in air
  • Netzsch Thermogravimetric Analyzer TG 209 (TGA): RT–900°C, oxidising or reducing atmosphere.

Differential scanning calorimetry

  • Netzsch DSC 204 F1: range -180°C to 700°C, sensitivity: 3.2 μV/mW

Thermal expansion

  • Netzsch Dilatometer DIL402C: oxidising or reducing atmosphere to 1500°C.


  • Hiden IGA porosimeter: gas and vapour adsorption, BET analysis.
  • Micromeritics Accupyc 1340 series Gas Pycnometer: measures true density by gas displacement.
  • Micromeritics ASAP 2020 Accelerated Surface Area and Porosimetry System
  • Micromeritics Tristar ii Surface Area and Porosity Instrument with VacPrep 061 Degasser