Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation(SEO) is the tuning of your research website in order for it to appear higher in the search engine rankings.


The Digital Communications Team can provide guidance on how to increase the ranking of your research website in order to reach a larger audience and increase impact.

The team can also assist with adding any research website to the central university search system and assist with mobile optimisation and link exchanging. 

The Team have access to SiteImprove which can be run on the website. This is an automated service that provides recommendations on how to change the website to assist with SEO and accessibility.

Where do I go for help?

Some basics on the fundaentals of SEO can be found here: Beginner's Guide to SEO.

Service cost


Are there limits to the service?

Digital Communications will only advice on how to optimise code, they will not edit the code itself. They can however pass recommendations to the Research Computing Team if the web presence needs edited.


Expertise level required to use this service


Example / Use case for this service

Searching for "Joe Corrie" returns the University's resource as the second-ranked result. This was achieved following SEO.