LabArchives electronic research notebook including inventory management and scheduling 


The service provides a digital alternative to analogue or paper-based record keeping.   

LabArchives is not a replacement for capabilities provided by PURE or any other University online data management or repository service. 

Supported by the Vice-Principal (Research and Innovation) and Vice-Principal (Collections, Music and Digital Content), the University of St Andrews contracted with LabArchives in October 2021 for the provision of cloud-hosted electronic research notebooks. 

Where do I go for help?

LabArchives offers online training and support through webinars and by request.  Contact the IT Service Desk if the software is not working as expected.  

Service location

Service cost


Are there limits to the service?

LabArchives can be used to:

  • share information and collaborate on activities between individuals and groups in and outwith the institution  
  • link notes to data sources, MSOffice files, code, and other electronic content
  • build and/or use templates and create  visualisations
  • capture workflow models reflecting/enforcing recognised standards and discipline-specific metadata  
  • schedule and monitor usage of resources
  • manage multiple inventories
  • teach research skills and techniques
  • improve record keeping practices and enable culture change
  • provide record governance through indelible timestamping and versioning  
  • integrate (through APIs) with other institutional services for data storage and reference

Expertise level required to use this service

No experience required. Simple to use with a similar user interface to Microsoft OneNote.