High performance computing software installation

The University's HPCs require specialist software installations. More information on our High performance computing site.


Both the central University HPC (KENNEDY) and the Bioinformatics HPC (MARVIN) require specialist software to be installed in order to execute the code/program on researcher's data.

University HPC

Herbert can assist researchers with the installation of specialist software on the HPC. Herbert's expertise lies with Chemistry software however he will assist in the installation of other software as "best endeavours" basis.


Bioinformatics HPC

Peter can assist researchers in identifying and installing suitable software to match a researchers data/code.

Where do I go for help?

Email Herbert or Peter.

Service cost

See "Are there limits to the service"

Are there limits to the service?

Any paid-for software must be provided by the researcher.


Bioinformatics software installation is only available to departments that have paid for Sysadmin level support on the Bioinformatics cluster.

There is no cost for the installation of software on the University HPC however there is a cost to execute the software. See High performance computing facilities for full costs.

Expertise level required to use this service

Researchers need to know their data/software.