Biomedical Sciences Research Complex mass spectrometry and proteomics facility

The Biomedical Sciences Research Complex Mass spectrometry and proteomics facility has a variety of instruments, not solely for School of Chemistry.


  • A Waters LCT ESI mass spectrometer and 2795 HPLC with Photodiode Array Detector. This instrument is used for intact protein mass analysis and small molecule analysis by infusion and LC-MS (hands-on).
  • A Thermo LCQ Fleet, a 3D quadrupole ion trap with ESI interface and Dionex u3000 HPLC. This LCMS instrument is used for analysis of small molecules and peptides with the MSn capabilities aiding structural identification (hands-on).
  • An ABSciex 4800 MALDI TOF/TOF Analyser. This instrument is predominantly used to identify proteins by analysis of proteolytic digests (normally trypsin) by MS and MSMS fragmentation. PTMs and other modifications can also be observed and mapped by interpretation of the MSMS fragmentation patterns. The instrument is also used for intact protein mass analysis and some polymer and small molecule analysis.
  • An ABSciex 5600+, ESI MSMS mass spectrometer and Eksigent nanoflow HPLC. This MSMS instrument is used for the analysis of proteolytic digests of complex mixtures or low concentration samples and can be used for identification of proteins, their point mutations, and post-translational modifications. It is also used for quantitative proteomic techniques such as iTRAQ and SWATH.
  • Genomic Solutions, ProGest and ProPrep, in-gel digestion robots. These instruments carry out automated in-gel proteolytic digests from 1 and 2D SDS-PAGE bands and spots.

Where do I go for help?

More information available on the Mass spectrometry and proteomics facility website.

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