Public engagement with research team

The public engagement with research (PER) team advises and supports all aspects of training, development, delivery, and evaluation of public engagement. The PER team is embedded in Corporate Communications.

Acting Head of Public Engagement

Dr Kirsty Ross

Kirsty currently acting up as the lead for the Public Engagement team until further notice. In her public engagement, she is dedicated in supporting researchers to work with diverse audiences, from the under 5s to young people with additional support needs, working age adults in libraries to those in prison. Within the University Kirsty focuses on the strategic embedding of public engagement and strengthening community access to research through public engagement.

Public engagement officer

Calum McAndrew

Calum organises and coordinates St Andrews delivery of various projects including Cell Block Science and Explorathon. Calum has extensive experience producing and presenting live science shows, exhibits, courses and workshops.

Public engagement officer

Francesca Fotheringham

Francesca works closely with CEED/OSDS to provide the public engagement training portfolio (PEP) for PGR students, professional staff and academic staff. Francesca focuses on supporting individual activities, development and evaluation.

Further public engagement support in Schools

Throughout the University of St Andrews, there is a network of staff dedicated to public engagement with research within their Schools, Departments and research groups. The PER team distributes relevant information and facilitates exchange via monthly meetings and a mailing list. If your role description entails public engagement with research and you would like to be part of the wider University network, please get in contact by emailing