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Institutional REF 2021 Equality and Diversity Review Group

The Institutional REF 2021 Equality and Diversity Review Group considers and makes recommendations on REF decisions or processes that may have equality and diversity implications for staff.

The group is chaired by the Assistant Vice-Principal (Diversity).

The group will consider and provide advice to the Research Excellence Board and to the Principal's Office on the following key areas:

  • internal processes and communications around REF 2021
  • development of the University’s Code of Practice for REF 2021
  • REF-specific training, particularly for staff involved in REF decision making
  • handling of staff circumstances for REF 2021, including overseeing the disclosure processes and communication of decisions
  • handling of the decision making processes for independence determination
  • ensuring REF appeal processes are clear and independent from the Research Excellence Board
  • overseeing the development of the institutional Equality Impact Assessment for REF 2021.


Members of the Institutional REF 2021 Equality and Diversity Review Group: 

  • Professor Ruth Woodfield
  • Dean of Science
  • Professor Frank Lorenz Müller
  • Professor Sascha Hooker
  • Professor Catherine O’Leary

In attendance:

  • Louise Milne (Human Resources)
  • Sukhi Bains
  • Dr Jennifer Awang


  • Victoria Borthwick
  • Jennifer Pritchard
  • Dr Upulani Somisara
  • other RIS staff as necessary.