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Journals' research data policies

More and more journals are introducing policies requiring sharing of research data as a condition of publication. Some journals also ask authors to make data available for peer-review. If you are planning to publish, we can help you check if the journal you have chosen has a data policy. Just email us at

  • BMJ Open - encourage the inclusion in the manuscript of a data sharing statement explaining what additional data are available and how to access them.
  • Nature - have a polciy on the availability of data, materials, code and protocols, which requests that authors make data available during the review process and includes isntructions on the inclusion of data acess statements and mandates for the deposit of certain datasets in specific repositories. See also an editorial announcement in September 2018 on sharing raw data at an early stage with editors and reviewers.
  • PLOS - have a Data Availability policy that requires authors to deposit their data in a suitable repository (with a few exceptions) and to include a data availability statement in the manuscript. Withholding of data could result in the rejection of the manuscript. 
  • SAGE - some of the SAGE journals (e.g. Research & Politics) have a Replication Policy that requires authors to make their datasets publicly available via a third party repository.
  • Science - require that large datasets be deposited in a suitable database before publication and that accession numbers or access links are included in the manuscript. Science also provide a list of approved databases for deposit. 
  • Springer Nature - have introduced four different levels of research data policies, from data sharing being encouraged (Level 1) to data sharing being a condition for publication (Level 4).The full list of journals and their policy type is made available by the publisher.
  • Taylor & Francis - in 2018 Taylor & Francis introduced new policies on data sharing that encourage authors to deposit data in a repository and include a data availability statement in the publication. 
  • The Royal Society - have an open data policy that states that authors have to make data, code and research material publicly available as a condition of publication.
  • The Royal Society expects that all relevant data and materials must be available at the initial submission stage as supplementary material or hosted in an external repository with a link included in the manuscript.
  • JACS - Authors are strongly encouraged to provide data for all new and/or key compounds described in a manuscript submission.

Please don't hesitate to contact the RDM team for further information and advice.