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EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council)

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The EPSRC's Policy Framework on Research Data sets out nine expectations concerning the management and provision of access to EPSRC-funded research data.

The University has been required to comply with EPSRC’s Policy Framework since 1st May 2015 and has developed policies and processes to assist you in meeting the underlying requirements of each expectation. While much of the emphasis is on the responsibilities of the University, there are also implications for you that need to be taken into consideration, from the initial grant application through to the end of the project and ten years or more beyond.‌


Expectations of particular note

  • Research data should be made as widely and freely available as possible in "a timely and responsible manner", subject to legal, ethical and commercial constraints. 
  • If the data directly supports research findings published after 1st May 2015, the expectation will be met if the data are accessible online no later than the date of first online publication of the article.
  • Ensure that information describing your research data (appropriately structured metadata) is published within 12 months of the data being generated where there is no intention to publish findings relying on those data.
  • Digital data should be assigned a persistent identifier such as a DOI (digital object identifier).
  • Published research papers must include a short statement describing how and on what terms any supporting research data may be accessed.
  • Where access to the data is restricted, include the reasons in your published metadata. Whilst the reuse and sharing of data is encouraged by the EPSRC, it is recognised that there may be legal, ethical or commercial constraints on the release of particular research data. The EPSRC will expect you to provide justification for limiting access and explain how, and by whom this restricted access will be managed.
  • Research data must be securely preserved for at least 10 years after any privileged access period expires.
  • Whilst the University and EPSRC expect that all research data of potential long-term value should be preserved and made publicly available, priority should be given to data underpinning publications or other research outputs.
  • Direct costs associated with all aspects of research data management are eligible research grant costs.
  • The EPSRC will monitor compliance on a case-by-case basis. If it appears that proper sharing of data is being obstructed, it reserves the right to impose appropriate sanctions.

Data management plan

EPSRC do not require a DMP to be submitted with the grant application, but "... do require one to be in place".

Research data management costs

  • As with all UKRI Research Councils, all costs associated with research data management are eligible expenditure of research grant funds.
  • The EPSRC believes that it is reasonable and appropriate to use public funds to support the associated data management costs of a project.
More information on costing research data management can be found in the section on costing of research data.


We can help you understand and meet the EPSRC requirements on research data, from writing the DMP to sharing your data. Simply contact us at any time, or come and see us during our open office hours, every Wednesday from 2pm to 4pm.    

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