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AHRC (Arts & Humanities Research Council)

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AHRC support the UKRI Common Principles on Data Policy and state that:

"Making research data available to users is a core part of the Research Councils’ remit and is undertaken in a variety of ways."‌

The AHRC is primarily interested in digital outputs, including open-source software, but the policy does not apply to project websites.


Expectations of particular note

  • A data management plan should be submitted at the grant application stage.
  • Digital outputs must be made available and accessible via an ‘appropriate repository’ for at least three years after the end of the funded project.
  • The default expectation is that all access to these outputs will be free.
  • AHRC states “Costs related to long term storage will be permitted providing these are fully justified and relate to the project Full justification must be provided in Justification of Resources (JoR)”.
  • AHRC requires research outputs (i.e. journal articles) to provide a means by which third parties can access any underpinning research datasets.

Data management plan

As of 29th March 2018, every AHRC proposal for Research Grants, Follow-on Funding and Leadership Fellows must be accompanied by a data management plan. The data management plan should be submitted as an attachment on Je-S. 

The data management plan should outline the project’s approach to managing data. It focuses on data storage, data sharing and the methodologies that will be used to create the data. It also asks questions on the ethical and legal considerations of collecting and releasing the data.

The plan must not exceed two pages, must be written in Arial or Times New Roman font at size 11 with normal 2cm margins and must be entitled ‘Data Management Plan’

By submitting an application to AHRC you are confirming that you and the University have considered and will meet all the following points:

  • The proposal has been written in line with your institution’s data management policy.
  • You have consulted with the institution’s data support (e.g. library services, IT department).
  • The institution is able to store the data appropriately during the lifecycle of the grant, the relevant people have been consulted and this has been considered and agreed.
  • The institution has considered all the risks, and storage will be in line with the institution’s data management policy (provide a link to the policy if applicable).
  • The institution will ensure the format/quality of the data (how will it be made as easy as possible to access the data?).
  • You have consulted the relevant people in your organisation and you are aware of any IP considerations.
  • You have considered any data protection requirements.
  • You have considered the legal aspects of collecting and releasing the data and have consulted with appropriate support.
  • The data collection, creation, storage and dissemination will conform to the institution’s ethical policy.
  • We expect the data management plan will be revisited each year during the award and as long as is required following the award to take into account any potential changes in (for instance) .technology/IP/institutional data management policy/copyright to ensure legal compliance.

For more details, check the AHRC's guidance on data management plans in the AHRC Research Funding Guide (pp. 49), the DMP Frequently Asked Questions and the guidance for reviewers on the assessment of data management plans. Please also check our useful documents for additional resources.

You can write your data management plan by using a template for the AHRC data management plan provided by DMPonline, an online tool that provides funders' templates and guidance. We can help you write your plan or simply review it before submission; please, allow enough time for consultation. 

If you receive an excellent overall assessment for your data management plan, we would appreciate if you could share it with the Research Data Management team as a good example of an AHRC plan for use within the University. We will fully acknowledge your permission to share, and access will be restricted to University users.

Research data management costs

  • As with all UKRI Research Councils, all costs associated with research data management are eligible expenditure of research grant funds.
  • The AHRC Data Management Plan asks how the data will be stored in the long term, suggesting that appropriate costs may be budgeted in to grant applications.

More information on costing research data management can be found in the section on costing of research data.


We can help you understand and meet the AHRC requirements on research data, from writing the DMP to sharing your data. Simply contact us at any time, or come and see us during our open office hours, every Wednesday from 2pm to 4pm.