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Planning for research data

Planning for research data and other digital outputs from research involves planning of resources such as data storage and of routes for publishing and preserving data, as well as staff to assist with the data management if necessary. Importantly, putting these resources in place might incur costs that can often be accounted for in funding applications.

A structured plan to assess these issues, a data management plan, is an important tool that helps getting it right from the start and making continuous management of digital outputs as efficient as possible. To facilitate this planning phase, most funders now require the submission of a data management plan or similar document as part of funding applications.

The following sections will help you get started with these processes:


Costing of research data

Advice on how to assess the cost of research data management.

Data management plan

Advice on why and how to create a data management plan.

Please don't hesitate to contact the RDM team for further information and advice.