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Managing Code

The computer code used for generating software, websites and models or simulations during a research project is a digital output, which is covered by several funders' research data policies.

Code should be managed using a suitable version control system, such as Git. Services such as GitHub and Bitbucket provide hosting for Git repositories and provide certain premium features, including private repositories, to academics for free. Note that externally hosted services like this are not suitable for sensitive information, and work is underway to provide a local Git repository hosting service.

While computer code can be archived and shared using the institutional repository PURE, other repositories may be more suitable. Zenodo, in particular, provides integration with GitHub to ease the archiving of Git repositories hosted there. There are also systems for archiving websites such as the UK Web archive.

The dissemination of code can also be supported by purpose-built licences (for examples, see

The University's Research Computing Team works with OSDS and others to provide regular Software Carpentry workshops which are designed to help researchers learn basic research computing skills, including programming and version control - look for them on the Personal Development Management System. The team is also available to consult and advise on related issues - get in touch by sending an email to

Please don't hesitate to contact the RDM team for further information and advice.