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Journal Hosting Service

What is the journal hosting service?

The University's journal hosting service offers support for academic staff and students who are interested in setting up their own online journals. The service uses Open Journal Systems (OJS) to support the publishing process, including submission, peer-review and online publication. The hosting service will act as 'electronic distributor' for the journal and will provide a secure archive for the content. The Journal Manager and Editorial staff will be the publishers of the journal and will be responsible for management and administration, and for journal content. 

How does this relate to other open access services?

The University recognises the need to provide new services to support scholarly communication and to increase the visibility of academic research. Consequently, Research & Innovation Services and the Library have established a range of services to provide research support in this area.

See further information about the journal hosting service and related services.

Who is currently using the service?

See our A-Z list of journal titles (OJS hosting site)

Who can use the service?

The service is available to all academic staff and students. We would recommend that proposals for new journals are discussed and communicated within Schools to encourage sustainability for journal projects. We would encourage proposals that relate closely to School research and teaching strategies so that the journal service best supports the research needs of users. Proposals from postgraduate and undergraduate students should have sponsorship from a relevant School and should have a named member of academic staff to oversee the project.

What kind of content can the service support?

The content model can be very flexible. The service can offer start up for new electronic only journals or migration of an existing print journal to online delivery. Back issues can be digitised and used to create archival content. OJS can support a variety of formats, journal frequency and subject matter. All journals hosted by the service will be fully Open Access.

What kind of functionality does OJS provide?

OJS can deliver a full editorial process or quick submission model. We should stress that OJS is primarily a delivery and editorial management platform, not a desktop publishing service. The choice of model and options available will be discussed during project setup.

Can the look and feel of a journal be customised?

OJS has several inbuilt options, with possibilities for more complex customisation if you have web design skills. Customisation and design and style options will be discussed during the project setup.

How do I start an OJS project?

We can provide demonstrations and further information to members of the University who want to discuss the journal hosting service and who may wish to consider setting up a journal.

Read our page on Planning a journal