Early Modern and Reformation Seminar Programme

Semester 2, 2018-19

Seminars take place at 5.15 in the New Seminar Room, St John’s House, 69 South Street, unless otherwise specified

7 February
Bridget Heal (St Andrews)
‘Desecration and Destruction: Lutheran churches during and after the Thirty Years War’

21 February
Chelsea Reutcke (St Andrews)
‘Printers, Readers and Patrons: Catholic networks in England during the 1680s’

26 February (TUESDAY)
Matthew Ward (Oxford) and Jacqueline Rose (St Andrews)
‘(Mis)reading Hobbes in the British Atlantic World: Trade, toleration, and royalist visions of empire in the early Restoration’
With Intellectual History, 5.15, room 1.10 St Katharine’s Lodge

7 March
Tara Hamling (Birmingham)
‘Iconophobia and Visual Culture in Post-Reformation England’

4 April
Anna Maria Forssberg (Stockholm)
‘The Story of War, Church and Propaganda in France and Sweden 1610-1710’

18 April
Celyn Richards (Durham)

'Provincial Printing in the Reign of Edward VI, 1547-1553’

2 May
Nina Lamal (Antwerp)

‘Foreign Ambassadors and the End of Italian Newspaper Publishing in the Seventeenth Century’