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RASSE Results

The RASSE project is now complete and the results are now available for view. You can access a series of reports including a final report, and abbreviated summaries, together with images and maps relating to the individual test sites by following the appropriate links.

Short introductions to each of the test sites are provided below, with a link to further background information about the sites, the studies ongoing on each site.

Test Site Stirling Castle

The Stirling Castle (lost in a storm in 1703) is located on the Goodwin Sands, a series of banks off the East Kent coast that dry at low water and change shape on a seasonal and apparently rotational basis.

Link to: Site overview.
Link to: Interactive animation.

Above: A representation of the Stirling Castle site, based on the 2005 survey results. The wreck is located on the mound in the centre of the model, which you can rotate by moving your mouse over the image. (You may need to click on the picture to activate the controls for this movie).

Test Site - Artificial site, Plymouth Sound

In 2005, artificial targets were placed in a low spring tide water depth of c.6-9m on a flattish seabed in a sheltered location within Plymouth Sound (the area already has an artificial target, a 5m long boat, in place). This control site is allowing comparisons to be made between methods.

Link to: Site overview.
Link to: Interactive animation


Above: A multibeam image of an object taken on the test site. Move your mouse over the image to reveal the object! (You may need to click on the picture to activate the controls for this movie).

Test Site Hastings Shingle Bank

Hastings Shingle Bank is an area where aggregate extraction already takes place, and where more extraction is planned for the future. The RASSE project has identified a test site within the Hastings Shingle Bank Licence Area located approximately 15km south of Hastings.

Link to: Site overview.
Link to: 2005 results

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