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Origins of mind

The Origin of mind research group aims to understand how evolutionary history and the process of development influence behaviour and cognition in a broad range of animal species, including non-human primates, elephants, pigs, children and adult humans. The researchers make use of the ‘Living Links to Human Evolution’ centre at Edinburgh zoo, African field sites (e.g., Budongo Conservation Field Station), child testing facilities and human experimental laboratories.


Principal investigators

Kate Arnold, Gillian BrownRichard Byrne, Josep Call, Malinda Carpenter, Catharine Cross, Juan-Carlos Gomez, Cat Hobaiter, Erin RobinsAmanda Seed, Andrew Whiten, Klaus Zuberbühler

Capuchin monkey using exeperiment box at Living Links

Elephant photo from inside a car.

Child playing with toys in the Child and Baby Lab 
Chimpanzee with mouth open