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Dr Matthew Broadhead


Research Fellow

tel +44 01334 463519
fax +44 01334 463042
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Research overview

I'm interested in the role of glia - the support cells of the nervous system - in modulating neuronal networks in the spinal cord. Astrocytes, one of the main forms of glial cells, are thought to respond to neural activity, and signal back to the neurons using a variety of gliotransmitters. Astrocytes are thought to not only be important for basic nervous system physiology, but are also crucial in diseases of the nervous system. Using live imaging methods, and chemic-genetic tools of manipulation, I am investigating the role of astrocytes in the spinal cord neuronal networks that underly rhythmic locomotor activity. In addition I am using advanced microscopy and image analysis techniques to interrogate the structural association between astrocytes and neuronal synapses to further understand the communication points between both neurons and glia.