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Gareth Miles talks to Good Morning Scotland

Friday 14 December 2018

Gareth Miles and Sounds logo

Professor Miles talks about his teams research into Motor Neuron Disease.

Dundee Science Centre representation of the child area.

ABC Lab co-designs early years ‘Living Lab’ with Dundee Science Centre

Wednesday 08 August 2018

A whole exhibition dedicated to early years visitors that supports research into early years development.

Gareth Miles

A change of Heads

Thursday 02 August 2018

Staff past and present gather to mark the occassion.

National Student Survey logo

National Student Survey Results 2018

Thursday 02 August 2018

Psychology and Neuroscience results are in!

Athena Swan Silver Logo

School gains Athena SWAN Silver award

Thursday 05 July 2018

The Athena SWAN Silver award recognises the School’s efforts in promoting gender equality and an inclusive environment.

Stanford Prison Experiment plaque.

Standford Prison Experiment not what we thought?

Thursday 28 June 2018

New evidence from the Zimbardo archives challenges everything you have taught (or been taught) about the Stanford Prison Experiment

Double first!

Friday 20 July 2018

Rats help each other out just as humans do

Monday 05 February 2018

Professor Reicher on Turkey

Thursday 01 February 2018

Older news


Killer whale can mimic human speech

Wednesday 31 January 2018

“Wikie” can repeat the words “hello” and “bye bye”


Mate-choice copying in humans – are all the taken men good?

Monday 29 January 2018

New study casts doubt on theories about human partner-choice

Cell Block Science

Wednesday 03 January 2018

Wellcome funding boost for innovative science engagement programme

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Is it right to say people caught in a terror scare 'panic'?

Wednesday 29 November 2017

Professor Steve Reicher responds in this BBC article.

Steve Reicher Sandford award thumb

Nevitt Sandford award 2017

Friday 11 August 2017

Professor Stephen Reicher has received the Nevitt Sandord award from the International Society for Political Psychology.

Maggie Ellis

New communication technique helps people with dementia

Thursday 03 August 2017

Method could reduce social isolation


‘Animal culture’ reshapes ideas about evolution

Monday 24 July 2017

Adaptation led by cultural change may shape genetic evolution