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The School of Psychology & Neuroscience Ethics Committee overviews the ethics and integrity of all teaching and research within the School, as a subcommittee of the University Teaching and Research Ethics Committee (UTREC).  All research that involves human participants or non-human animals must be granted ethical approval before being conducted (including undergraduate and masters projects).

The UTREC website provides application forms and sample template documents, and also provides a comprehensive set of guidelines and policy statements to help researchers prepare their ethics applications. In addition, the School Ethics Committee has prepared helpful tips on completing ethics applications for human research and non-licenced animal research, and the Committee has provided a set-by-step guide to human participant research. (See links below).

PLEASE NOTE that the School Ethics Committee requires all applications for human research to include a Human Ethics Application Coversheet** and all applications (both human and animal research) to include a Data Management Plan**. Further information and advice on data management is provided by the University.


** Please note that these files are stored on the School intranet and only available on campus or via .  (If using Internet Explorer login with full ID i.e. abc@st-and...)

Contact within the School

For any enquires about the ethical review process, please contact the School’s Ethics Committee Administrator, Helen Sunderland via

Further resources