Dr Simon Sharples

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It is my goal to pursue a career in academia and research. I have a strong interest in translational neurobiology fostered during my graduate training at Wilfrid Laurier University and the Hotchkiss Brain Institute. I am particularly interested in plasticity of spinal networks that contribute to gait abnormalities observed following stroke, concussion, and Parkinson’s disease. It is therefore my short-term goal during my postdoctoral studies to adopt in vitro approaches to study spinal circuits of adult rodents. I have a cross-cutting blend of experiences that have exposed me to animal, human and industrial applications of biomedical technology. These experiences would allow for me to explore neuro-plasticity in human motor systems using non-invasive neurophysiological methods and follow up using animal models that afford more invasive approaches for in depth mechanistic investigation. In addition to research, I also have a passion for teaching and mentorship. It is my goal to develop a research program of my own that will be complimented by teaching motor systems physiology at undergraduate and graduate levels.

PhD supervision

  • Giulia Benedetta Calabrese
  • Struan Nisbet

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