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Dr Daphna Buchsbaum

Dr Daphna Buchsbaum

Honorary Lecturer

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Dr. Buchsbaum?s research addresses one of the core questions of cognition: How do we construct sophisticated representations from relatively simple percepts? More specifically, she investigates the complex interplay between social and causal reasoning: how children, adults and non-human animals use social information to help them understand the physical world. She is particularly interested in how we integrate multiple sources of causal information, including causal demonstrations and verbal instruction, with other sources of causal evidence such as direct observation and the results of our own actions. Her research also explores the evolutionary origins of social and causal cognition, by investigating social and causal reasoning across primate species. Throughout her work, Dr. Buchsbaum applies probabilistic modeling ideas to problems of social and causal cognition, in order to precisely characterize hypotheses about what both children and non-human primates think and know. 

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