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Laminating and mounting


Lamination - Rhona 2018
‌Laminating is the application of a layer of plastic film, to protect and reinforce your document(s).

A4 & A3 sizes are available at both St Katharine's West and 65 North Street.

Larger sizes and polyboard mounting are only available at the St Katharine's West


Print not included


A4 or A3 (double sided pouch)

A2 (double sided pouch)

A1 (single side matt seal)

A0 per metre (single side matt deal)

Departmental £1.50  £2.50  £15.00 £25.00
Staff/Student Private £1.50 £2.50 £15.00 £25.00
Commercial £1.50  £3.50 £15.00 £25.00

Polyboard mounting

Mounting - Rhona 2018
‌Your document(s) can be mounted onto Polyboard (a lightweight 5mm foam board) at St Katharine's West.

Prices are exclusive of VAT which will be charged where applicable.

Polyboard mounting

Print not included

 A4A3A2A1A01000 x 1500 mm
Onto 5mm Polyboard £7.50 £12.50 £20.00 £30.00 £45.00 £60.00

Material only to take away:  1 x 1.5 metre Polyboard sheet = £25; A0 Polyboard sheet = £20.00; A1 Polyboard sheet = £12.00