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Designer working at two computer screens

Our skilled graphic designers (based at Print & Design, St Katharine's West, 16 The Scores) can design, layout and prepare for printing a wide range of publications.

We can print either within the University or through one of our external contacts.

We can produce anything, including:

Hourly rate for design, photography and scanning

Design Unit, St Katharine's West, 16 The Scores

(All prices are exclusive of VAT which will be charged where applicable.)

TimeDepartmentalStaff/Student PrivateCommercialCreative Design (where applicable)
1 hour £34.00 £36.00 £40.00 £45.00
3/4 hour £25.50 £27.00 £30.00 £33.75
1/2 hour £17.00 £18.00 £20.00 £22.50
1/4 hour £8.50 £9.00 £10.00 £11.25



Illustrations, diagrams, maps or photo-montages can be produced as individual items or as part of any of the above.

Each job is charged based on time and materials. An estimate can be provided following discussion of your requirements.

We welcome commercial enquiries.



St Katharine's West
16 The Scores
St Andrews
KY16 9AX
Scotland, United Kingdom

Tel: (01334) 463020

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