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  1. Occupational health

    Policy statement regarding the function of occupational health

  2. Open access policy

    Detailing the University’s approach to open access to ensure the widest possible access to its research publications.

  3. Visa and immigration FAQ’s: For line managers

    Provides information on visa regulations.

  4. Fee setting

    To outline the procedure for setting tuition fees

  5. Employee visa and immigration FAQ’s

    Provides information on visa regulations.

  6. Agency workers

    Provides guidance on agency worker rights.

  7. Information for international staff

    General/useful information for new joiners of University of St Andrews.

  8. Redundancy policy

    This document outlines the approach to be adopted in cases of potential redundancy situations.

  9. Sports Awards Regulations and Criteria

    For reference information on awards regulations and criteria

  10. USS flexibilities

    Guidance regarding changes to USS

  11. Redeployment policy

    This document outlines the circumstances in which redeployment for employees within the University will be considered.

  12. Financial Regulations

    Outline the Financial Control Framework in place at the University

  13. V-Coding

    This policy explains the rationale and procedure for V-coding being applied to a student record.

  14. S-coding

    This policy provides all information relating to S-coding and the process to be followed.

  15. Statement pursuant to the modern slavery act 2015

    The UofSA is committed to fulfilling its requirements for goods, services and works for the institution without causing harm to others and supporting the UK Government's approach to implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

  16. Saints Sport first aid

    Information and Compliance

  17. Menopause guidance

    Raise awareness of menopause symptoms and provide a framework for requesting support in the workplace.

  18. Pets in accommodation

    To set out the policy on pets in accommodation and the requirements on assistance dogs

  19. Voluntary Severance Scheme

    Procedure to follow to request voluntary severance.

  20. Immigration reimbursement policy

    This policy sets out the University’s approach to the reimbursement of immigration costs.