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  1. Agency workers

    Provides guidance on agency worker rights.

  2. Employee visa and immigration FAQ’s

    Provides information on visa regulations.

  3. USS flexibilities

    Guidance regarding changes to USS

  4. Visa and immigration FAQ’s: For line managers

    Provides information on visa regulations.

  5. Information for international staff

    General/useful information for new joiners of University of St Andrews.

  6. Smart working

    Provides information on the University’s Smart Working practices.

  7. Redundancy policy

    This document outlines the approach to be adopted in cases of potential redundancy situations.

  8. Voluntary Severance Scheme

    Procedure to follow to request voluntary severance.

  9. Redeployment policy

    This document outlines the circumstances in which redeployment for employees within the University will be considered.

  10. Conditions of employment by grade

    Summary of employee conditions.

  11. Employment Verification

    Information for individuals requesting an employer verification letter.

  12. Menopause guidance

    Raise awareness of menopause symptoms and provide a framework for requesting support in the workplace.

  13. Salary sacrifice

    Guidance on Salary Sacrifice for employees in the USS and S&LAS Pension Schemes.

  14. Immigration reimbursement policy

    This policy sets out the University’s approach to the reimbursement of immigration costs.

  15. Cycle to Work scheme

    FAQs regarding the Cycle to Work Scheme.

  16. Flexible working

    Sets out how employees can request a change to their working arrangements

  17. Disciplinary procedure

    To be referred to in cases where there are possible issues of misconduct.

  18. Flexiquette guidance

    Guidance developed following feedback provided in our All-staff survey on working in the context of Covid.

  19. Probation policy for support staff

    Outlines the procedure and management of the probationary period for Support staff.

  20. Resolution policy

    To assist those in conflict or disagreement to seek resolution using informal means.