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  1. Undergraduate senate regulations 2020-2021

    Senate regulations governing all undergraduate degrees.

  2. Academic alerts

    This policy concerns all matters relating to Academic Alerts including types and status, attendance monitoring and procedures for issuing and managing academic alerts.

  3. University of St Andrews Athletic Union constitution

    This document outlines the constitution of the University of St Andrews Athletic Union.

  4. Saints Sort health and safety

    Information and compliance

  5. Failure to pay (students)

    To provide information and guidance on the responsibilities that students have to pay any fees and charges due to the University, the procedures that will be followed should payment not be made, and the consequences of non-payment.

  6. Academic alerts (student guidance)

    This guidance outlines the issues and support available to students in relation to academic alerts and should be read in conjunction with the Policy on Academic Alerts.

  7. Risk management policy

    Password protected

    Risk Management Policy

  8. Honorary degree guidelines

    Guidelines for nomination of honorary degrees

  9. Online guidance

    Overview of Careers Centre online guidance.

  10. Undergraduate senate regulations 2019-2020

    Senate regulations governing all undergraduate degrees.