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  1. Security Incident and Crime Reporting

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    A procedure on incident reporting for staff and students

  2. Consultancy Policy

    The purpose of this policy is to define consultancy activities and to encourage consultancy within a supportive environment with relevant agreements. Feedback on the Consultancy Policy during the pilot phase (1 Feb 2021 – 1 Feb 2022) can be sent

  3. Cycle parking regulations

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    To advise Staff and Students on the cycle regulations of the University

  4. Cycle strategy 2017-2027

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    Evidence based framework for undertaking action to encourage cycling

  5. Diving rules - Scientific and archaeological diving projects

    Rules for undertaking underwater diving work activities

  6. Pronoun guidance

    To provide guidance to staff and students about using pronouns.

  7. Module evaluation questionnaires

    This document provides guidance for staff and students.

  8. Fire safety guidance for managers


  9. Use of captured content

    This policy relates to recording of lectures.

  10. General Risk Assessment Guidance

    Guidance for compliance with legislation