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  1. Copyright for teaching

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    To provide copyright guidance related to teaching at the university.

  2. Flexiquette guidance

    Guidance developed following feedback provided in our All-staff survey on working in the context of Covid.

  3. Ill-health retirement (for members of S&LAS)

    Guidance for employees who are members of the S&LAS pension scheme who want to apply for early retirement as a result of ill-health.

  4. Appointments

    This policy describes the different types of appointments offered by the Careers Centre, when they are available and how to book.

  5. Copyright for students

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    To provide copyright guidance for students at the university.

  6. Employment Verification

    Information for individuals requesting an employer verification letter.

  7. Copyright for researchers

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    To provide copyright guidance for researchers at the university.

  8. Cycle to Work scheme

    FAQs regarding the Cycle to Work Scheme.

  9. Flexible working

    Sets out how employees can request a change to their working arrangements

  10. Anti-Money Laundering Policy

    To set out the procedure to be followed if money laundering is suspected and defines the responsibility of individual employees in the process.