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  1. Safe working in confined spaces

    Policy and guidance on working safely in a confined space

  2. Guidance on safety signs and signals

    Guidance on the use of safety signs and signals

  3. ACDP Categorisation of biological agents (2016) (HSE Document misc208)

    Guidance on the categorisation of the pathogenicity of biological micro-organisms

  4. Lifting operations and lifting equipment

    Guidance on the requirements of the lifting equipment and lifting operations regulations 1998

  5. Travel and Fieldwork risk assessment template

    This is a template form for travel and fieldwork risks

  6. Guidance on hazardous waste disposal and recycling of wastes

    Guidance on the procedures for the disposal of hazardous wastes and recycling other types of waste (2012)

  7. Postgraduate senate regulations 2020-21

    Senate regulations governing all postgraduate degrees.

  8. Guidance note for conducting redundancy consultation meetings for the expiry of FTCs

    Sets out the procedure for line managers or PI’s to follow when an FTC is due to expire.

  9. Guidance on workplace inspections

    This is the University Local Rules in compliance with legislation. This document also provides detailed guidance on radiation safety.