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  1. Failure to matriculate

    The policy explains the process and implications of failure to matriculate.

  2. Honorary degree guidelines

    Guidelines for nomination of honorary degrees

  3. Public interest disclosure (whistle blowing)

    A code which provide for the investigation of possible malpractices

  4. Workshop safety guidance

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    Policy and safety procedures for working in a workshop (2012)

  5. Undergraduate senate regulations 2020-2021

    Senate regulations governing all undergraduate degrees.

  6. Early release of module information Guidance for Schools

    These guidelines advise Schools on the early release of module information to students, as identified by the University's Collaboration Statement.

  7. Access to information during periods of staff absence

    This Policy defines the circumstances under which access to information held in email and files can be made during periods of absence, for business continuity purposes.

  8. Safeguarding of children, vulnerable adults and prevention of radicalisation

    Provides information to employees regarding the University’s obligation to protect children and vulnerable adults who are at risk of harm, abuse, neglect, exploitation, discrimination or being drawn into radicalisation.

  9. Late submission of exam scripts: guidance for staff

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    This document provides guidance for staff on the late submission of exam scripts.

  10. Rights and responsibilities of honorary appointees

    This document describes the rights and responsibilities of Honorary Appointees.